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If you are looking to apply, click on the 'Apply' button on the top right and follow the directions in creating an account. You must create an account in order to start the application process. Do not use your email or password.

If you are already a member in game, do the above steps and submit JUST your name in the application. Don't bother filling out the rest of the app. You will be accepted the next time an officer logs on.
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Game Activities
Flayr set level to 90
Flayr set primary spec to Elemental
Flayr set secondary spec to Restoration
Flayr set primary profession to Inscription
Flayr set secondary profession to Alchemy
Boozehammer is now level 110
Boozehammer changed primary spec from Fury to Arms
Boozehammer changed secondary spec from Protection to Fury
Pewpewlazer changed primary spec from Fire to Frost
Pewpewlazer changed secondary spec from Frost to Fire